Healthy Snack Delivery for Offices, Workplaces, and Corporations

Be The “Office Rock Star” By Giving Your Employees The Same Perks That Other Top Companies Like Facebook and Google Do…Without A Big Budget or Annoying Hassle

Here’s your chance to do something TOTALLY INCREDIBLE for your office without any added effort…

And the best part about it is, it doesn’t cost a lot and it won’t monopolize your time.

You see, in today’s hyper competitive world, finding good talent is very hard to come by… KEEPING good talent is even harder.

There always seems to be another company than can offer a little bit more, or have a better comp plan, or a better retirement plan that can steal your employees away.

Employees are overworked, stressed out, unhealthy, and costing their company millions in lost productivity and health care costs.

Top talent is hard to come by and even harder to keep, which is why the workplace environment and perks are so unbelievably important.


Finally! An Easy, Hassle-Free Way To Get Top-Selling Delicious Healthy Snacks Delivered Right To Your Office

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So what is SnackNation?

In a nutshell… SnackNation takes all the hassle off or your shoulders and just makes you look like the office Rock Star. Having SnackNation delivered to your office means:

  • No more driving around town to pick up product. That’s a big pain in the butt!
  • No more guessing about which products are healthy and which are not. Product labeling can really be confusing these days.
  • No more disappointment with Amazon when your favorite product is no longer in stock or bundles have changed.
  • No more employees complaining about only having access to junk food.
  • No more headaches whatsoever in dealing with your office snack program ever again!

How It Works

Every month we’ll send you a box stocked full of the best tasting and healthiest snacks out there. You’ll also get a complimentary display box – It will look good in the office and help you keep everything organized.

No more cluttered cabinets, counter tops, or employee break rooms.Your employees will get ultra-convenient access to the tastiest, healthiest snacks right onsite with no extra work on your part.

It’s like having a miniature self-serve Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s in your office

Now, I know what you might be thinking right now…

“That’s all great… But we don’t have the budget for this”

No worries because… The “Collection Box” solution was created for companies on a tight budget

Have you ever heard of an “honor box?” Employees grab a snack and then place a dollar in the attached collection box. The program is “on your honor” where they pay for the product they take. This is a system that has worked for years and years in the traditional vending industry.

The beauty of this program for your office is you have complete control over how much you charge for the product. You can make everything a dollar or fifty cents…it’s up to you. If fact, with the Collection Box program, you can chose to have this box completely pay for itself every month.

For Example

  • SnackStar Program = 150 amazing healthy snacks for $249
  • You charge $1 per snack and earn $150
  • $99 out of pocket from the company, BUT value is made up with…
  • Happier employees (priceless)
  • Healthier and more productive employees (priceless)
  • No more wasted time with product order and grocery runs (easily costing you $100/ month or more)
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Remember, SnackNation is…

An Easy, Hassle-Free Way To Get Top-Selling Delicious Healthy Snacks Delivered Right To Your Office