Our Stance On Products Is Very Simple…

HUMAN only endorses products that are free from artificial additives, including high-fructose corn syrup and partially-hydrogenated oils.

We take snacking very seriously and pride ourselves on being “Snack Masters.” By keeping a pulse on the $99B natural products industry and meeting one-on-one with the leaders in the industry as well as registered dietitians, public health professionals and nutrition activists, we’ve been able to cull a list of the most healthy, delicious and affordable foods and beverages on the market.

We have a catalog with over 1000 HUMAN-approved foods and beverages. Allow us to take out the guesswork, and to put our experience to work for you. HUMAN Franchise owners have access to a proprietary web store for ordering their product at greatly reduced rates. By using the combined purchasing power of our Franchise network, HUMAN has negotiated competitive rates.

Customized Healthy Product Mixes for All Locations

With HUMAN, you get exactly what you need and want. We realize that no two locations are the same, so we treat every location as a unique case.

Before we recommend a custom planogram for your location, we break out our beakers and measuring tape (ok, not really, but we do take our site research seriously). Through on-location surveys, demographical analysis & past precedence, HUMAN determines the specific product mix that best suits each location.

There are no special requirements we can’t meet. Do you require a gluten-free or peanut-free menu? A low-carb mix? Smart Snacks In School compliance? Want fresh local foods? Healthful frozen meals? We’ve got you’ve covered—there’s no dietary or legislative requirement we cannot meet.

“Spreading a Healthy Living with the Program”


  1. Avoid Spoilage & Excess Inventory. Trying to figure out what products will and won’t sell at your locations costs your precious time & money. We know… we’ve been there! Start with optimized product offerings on day one – let HUMAN’s expertise and experience guide you. You’ll be happy you did!
  2. Secure Unbeatable Pricing. Due to our purchasing power and our partnerships with the nation’s largest healthy product distributors, HUMAN can offer our franchisees the lowest pricing on healthy snacks, foods and beverages—a savings that is passed on to locations, too!
  3. Focus on Your Strengths. We’ll work with your locations to determine the perfect product offering while you’re focused on optimizing and perfecting your vending and healthy market operations. We’ll even help manage your location to ensure minimal hassle for you.