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Meet Your Local Healthy Vending Experts & Social Entrepreneurs

I decided to join the HUMAN family because I believe in what they do. I absolutely love the idea of being a social entrepreneur and help others with my business. I want to bring healthy food to every single location out there that needs it, wants it or is interested in trying it. We make healthy food more convenient that junk food.

I love my community. It is place that received us with open arms when we first moved here. It is an area that makes you fall in love with it. I am thrilled to be able to bring healthy food to kids, athletes, employees, doctors, patients, customers, mom’s at soccer and gym practice, etc!!

My husband and I have participated in several local races like 10 for Texas, CB&I Triathlon and Woodlands Marathon and know about the impact of healthy nutrition in an athlete’s performance and in life! The only thing we can do to live longer is staying healthy and that begins with food!

What sets us apart from the “average” vending operator is the fact that we are sooooo much more than a vending company! We bring healthy nutrition everywhere and not only in the “vending” mode. We not only offer different types of vending machines but also micro-markets. Which are mini self serve convenience stores. Our machines are energy efficient, LED lighted, super cool designed and have conveyor belt and elevator systems.

For more information on how to get healthy snack options for your location please call Elena Agostini at 281-460-8184 or use our email form. THANK YOU !

We care about you. We care about health. It’s not only a business but also a way to help make a change in the world. We have the best machines, with the latest technology and energy efficient.

H.U.M.A.N., Helping Unite Mankind and Nutrition