SnackNation Office Snack Delivery Featured in Food Navigator

julio 28, 2014

If you’ve ever worked in an office environment where there were either no snacks on hand or simply snacks you wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot-pole, you’ll appreciate the service that’s transforming how people snack at the office.

SnackNation, HUMAN’s healthy snack delivery service, is changing the way we snack at the office. In fact, CEO Sean Kelly recently chatted with Food Navigator to discuss SnackNation’s growth in the business-to-business market and how this is changing the model of food distribution.

  • The market demanded a B2B healthy office snack delivery service. There were office locations HUMAN simply could not provide with healthy vending machines or micro markets due to the offices’ small size. Thus, SnackNation became the “final channel of convenient nutritional model.”
  • SnackNation offers snacks to please the diversity of office snackers.
  • SnackNation rotates its products so that people get to try new snacks each month, while also keeping staple office favorites consistent in the delivery. The range of snacks offered aims to please a diverse range of preferences so that even the most health-conscious and the most finicky snacker will have something they enjoy.
  • Consumers are snacking more than ever before. 50% of meal occasions in the U.S. are now snacks-based. Culturally, we’re becoming more accepting of the value that nutritious snacks can provide, whereas before the word “snack” alone had a negative connotation.

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